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Thursday, 8 February 2007

Taking Liberties the Book is officially not finished.

Admittedly it was probably a considerable error on our part last November to promise Revolver unconditionally that we would be able to deliver a book on time on 7th of Feb. But we’re film people for chrissakes… and we never for a second expected them to take us seriously. There is an abundance of legal precedent showing categorically that film directors talk cobblers and will promise absolutely anything to get their film made.

Anyway, legal defences aside, we will be pushing what we laughably call the deadline back another week, in order to cut some of the dross, sort out the references, and make sure the thing actually works as a complete book.

The basic plan was to break down the destruction of civil liberties into 5 main chapters:
-Freedom of Speech/Right to protest
-Detention Without Trial

But of course this went through the mangle a bit…

Originally conceived as a 100 page concise addition to the film, it currently stands at over 300 pages and that has taken some brutal editing. It seems that the destruction of liberties has been greater than even we anticipated.

Anyway, off into the night armed with lots of black coffee, an ever growing case of RSI and resisting the temptation to find inspiration through alcohol.

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