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Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Government’s policy review of police powers

This actually came out a couple of weeks ago but we have been a bit busy and have only just got round to reading all 102 scintillating pages of it. Mostly it is the usual government speak about rebalancing the system in favour of the victim and focusing on the criminal instead of the crime. It’s a comfort to know that thanks to this review policemen will be out on the street with the certain knowledge that they are hoping to detect and prevent criminals and not crimes (here we were thinking they were supposed to do both – that’s why this sort of review is so useful).

The review shows this government’s usual excitement with any solution that involves a database. It suggests expanding the DNA database to include anyone that the police suspect of committing a crime (why don’t they just admit they want a national database and get it over with), using CCTV with facial, weapon and explosives recognition capabilities (is that a gun in your pocket…sorry it’s a terrible joke but I just couldn’t help myself), using more powerful data analysis of databases (interestingly the identity database is included in the list of databases to be analysed, this was one of the things that Blair promised Parliament would not happen when the Identity bill went through) and providing police officers with access to databases where different levels of confidentiality are currently an issue (goodbye data protection laws then).

The terrorism section is mostly taken up with talking about how we have to embrace our shared values. This always makes me wonder what they are:
- All crises should be immediately followed by the offer of a cup of tea
- Anything is better if you’ve had to queue to get hold of it
- Shorts and a t-shirt should be worn at the slightest sighting of sunshine
- People should always stand on the left of an escalator and walk down the right.
- The breaking of any social rules should be met with some quiet tutting and a steely stare of disapproval. That’ll teach them.

Almost as an afterthought they add that their not entirely comfortable with Article 3 of the ECHR since it stops them sending terror suspects back to countries that might torture them so they are busy thinking of a way round this problem. If anyone can do it New Labour can!

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stelios the big easy guy said...

Taking Liberties does not address the lack of a public enquiry into the July 7th bombs.
These issues need to be looked at.
there is no cctv of the alleged 7/7 bombers - none on the bus, trains, platforms, ticket halls, car parks, etc
there is no credible eye witnesses of any of the alleged 7/7 bombers
the company in charge of london transport security VERINT engaged all its 1000+ employees on a drill to coincide with the bombs same stations same day, impossible for it to have been a coincidence

Israeli embassy was issued with an alert BEFORE the bombs went off
train times dont match 7.40am was cancelled
all the bombs were military grade
why was bombed bus the only bus diverted?
how did 'injured' headband man appear before any medics or ambulances arrived?
why did 'muslim' bus bomber grab an egg mcmuffin before blowing himself up?
why did the bombers leave the 'best' bombs back in the boot of the car?
why did they buy return tickets?
why did they pay and display? they werent coming back were they?
how did they keep the 'mission' secret from all their friends, families and relatives several had small kids one had a pregnant wife, if they really were clean skins how comes they crossed M15's paths several times?
Why did one mans documents survive the explosion and end up at SEVERAL bomb sites?
Why did Ian Blair announce "there are definately 4 bombers" before anyone even knew then retract when he realised he had spoken too soon?

What really happened at the outdoor retreat where they all went kayaking and team building. Was hypnotism or auto suggestion part of the course?

The question why didnt the security services nip this in the bud before it happened?

Because 7/7 was an inside job.

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