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Thursday, 10 May 2007

The end of the Blair era (well almost)

Tony's departure announcement

Just in case anyone missed it Tony is stepping down on 27th June (if you hadn’t noticed then I am pretty sure that this isn’t the blog for you, British politics being something of a central theme to the blog, documentary and book we’ve written).

You wonder how newspapers managed to muster enough excitement about this to put it on their front pages. It’s hard to imagine cabinet this morning sitting in shocked silence while he announced that he had decided to step down “But Tony, this has really come out of nowhere for us. What do you mean you’re leaving; we didn’t even know you were unhappy. We came into the meeting this morning thinking that we were going to discuss the paperclip thievery from the Cabinet stationery cupboard” (cue pointed looks at Geoff Hoon - well he has to get something out of cabinet, after all he’s not allowed to vote) “and here you dropping this bombshell on us. I really think you could have given us more warning.”

Fortunately, this means that Tony really won’t have a lot to do over the next couple of weeks while his party squabbles over the entirely useless position of deputy leader. This will leave him free for other pursuits which he hasn’t had a lot of time for over the last decade, like going to the cinema…

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