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Wednesday, 23 May 2007

My Head Hurts

Contributor and crew screening went extremely well. A little too well judging by the green faces around the s2s offices. Everyone who had worked on the film or had their stories told came down to the Rich Mix Cinema on Bethnal Green Road, and in 90 minutes watched what has taken us a year and a half to put together. The delightful Helen and Sylvia came all the way from Yorkshire, but clearly enjoyed the screening.

Sincere thanks to everyone who came along and took part in what has been a surreal but massively fulfilling experience. Now we just need to get the rest of the country to see it. Cinema listings are up on the listings page if it isn't screening near you, bombard your local cinema with emails until they put it on!

Big Brother takes flying lessons

I honestly thought this was a Chris Morris practical joke, but sadly this is a real story. Police in Merseyside have obviously run out of places to put CCTV cameras, so they have spent a fortune on remote control helicopters with surveillance cameras on. The reasoning behind this absurd piece of techno-snoopery is that the police want to "record anti social behaviour"

These unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV's) were designed for military use and were used to identify where to bomb. For a long time we have been saying that Britain is becoming a nation where we are all considered suspects. Now it seems that the next stage is we are all being considered military targets.

Yet more blog chatter...

Stumble upon stumbled upon us.

The one and only Boriswatch

And a considered review on samizdata. Though they seem to think it's a right wing polemic. We should start keeping track of how many comments we get on whether the film is right wing or left wing, but at the moment I'd say it's running neck and neck.

And the triumphant return of Rachel North - the queen of the blogosphere...

Who's space?

The myspace situation is now getting out of control. We have got some truly remarkable emails from people who have only seen the trailer and already think we are the spawn of the devil. We have no choice but to publish on the blog some of the weirdest emails. Today's winner is below:

"I am appauled at you.

Look at your film. It is a fashionable statement of cheap biased jibes aimed at a man of such credability and integrity, of such success and brilliance, that it only portrays you further as ignorant and blind.

This is a man who for 10 years, has built upon the crumbled ruins of tory rule, and lit a beacon of political light for the working people. You're film merely takes pot shots based on the naive media attacks taht he suffers as a result of one mistake. A mistake that i am in no doubt he was pressured in from all angles.

How dare you frame this man as the man i see in your trailer. Be thankful for everything he has done. Be thankful for his work and his time. Be thankful that you and i are not under another 4 years of Tory rule.

Thank you for your time.

Your's truely,"

We are still not sure if this is a wind up, or it's been sent by a Mr T Blair.


Rachel said...

Today my review of the film is linked on comment is free main page in the side bar, 'Best of the Web'.

Also see Pickled Politics

Nice to see you, hope the head is better!

grotungus said...

So let me get this straight, you've made a film about the lack of free speech in Britain. You've made this film in Britain and are releasing it in Britain. I think I've just found a flaw in your argument, you know.

Taking Liberties said...

we are arguing that free speech is being eroded. If you go and stand outside parliament now with a placard you will be arrested. If the government had i's way we would never had made this film - we were detained under the terrorism act several times and were repeatedly ordered to stop filming by the police who thretened to have our cameras impounded.

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