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In our Taking Liberties blog, not only will we keep you uptodate on the progress of the film, we'll also post news about the ongoing civil liberties movements we're related to.

Friday, 4 May 2007

Taking Liberties with Taking Liberties

ok we admit it. The title "Taking Liberties" is not an original one and has been used by:

-numerous articles on the loss of civil liberties (like the one last week by Henry Porter)

-A blog by Simon Clark, that seems to look at several of the issues that we bang on about in the film/book/blog.

-A Raucous touring nightclub. This is a slightly surreal coincidence, but they have a very colourful website and if I'm ever in manchester looking to get a really bad hangover and VD then I'll be stopping by.

Big Brother Awards

Britain has won the Privacy International Big Brother award (again). For some reason Tony Blair didn't turn up to collect the award, so they screened a trailer of taking liberties instead which went down well.

Amnesty Screening

Is now completely booked out. In fact it's over subscribed so get there early. However the film still isn't finished, and if we don't get it done by thursday we will be screening Butch Casssidy and the Sundance Kid instead. Will be quite an interesting occasion - apparently there's a delegation from the Home Office coming so it looks like the secret's out.

Taking Liberties in the Press

Nice couple of articles in the week. Made page 2 of the Telegraph and Reuters carried a healthy piece as well.


Tim said...

I've also come across this reference:

Taking Liberties said...

the word is out

lethalbuzzle said...

Isn't it also an album by Elvis Costello?

Taking Liberties said...

yes it is. not his finest - Armed Forces beats it hands down.

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