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Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Still not finished

At this rate the film won't be finished for Gordon Brown's departure, never mind Tony Blair. More on this later but the decision has been made to re-record the polemic narration with a named actor. Can't give the name away just yet, but there is a delicous irony in the choice that hopefully will not be wasted on New Labour.

More chatter on the blogosphere:

Devil's Kitchen - yes we can confirm that we do look into Magna Carta and the destruction of the British Common Law tradition. And we can safely say we are the first (and possibly the last) cinema film to do this.

And a nice review on Bloggerheads. In fact in general the reaction from the Press screening last thursday night was very positive. Though the death threats and accusations of us all being Hard Let/Hard Right/MI5 Agents are starting to trickle through.

Police are starting to arrest for really absurd reasons in order to keep their arrest quotas up:
-Man in Cheshire arrested in posession of "Egg with an intent to throw".
-A child in Kent arrested for throwing cream buns at a bus.
-Bride in the West Midlands arrested for criminal damage when she accidentally hit a park barrier on her wedding day. Women drivers, eh?

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Devil's Kitchen said...

Thanks for the reply, chaps. Look forward to it.


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