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Thursday, 7 June 2007

Can I stop now please?

It's all a bit too much. Really. Take me back to the edit suite - anything is easier than the nervous tension of:

a) Waiting for the reviews to come in
b) Wondering what the weekend box office will be like.
c) Hardly sleeping as I'm doing press day noon and night.

Having said that the Reviews have all been brilliant, but it's a bloody nightmare waiting for them to come in. Today we had:

4 Stars in The Times

And the Scotsman also gave us 4 Stars and said:

"A less hysterical, but still gripping, incendiary and amusing British answer to Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11, Taking Liberties shines a harsh spotlight on Tony Blair and the gradual erosion of civil liberties that have ensued since the soon-to-be-ex Prime Minister took office in 1997. Director Chris Atkins’ thesis is that Blair saw a chance to become a player on the world stage after September 11th and seized it with both hands, becoming George Bush’s lap dog in the process and leading this country into an unpopular and illegal war. That’s hardly new information, but the film delivers a frightening array of evidence illustrating the far-reaching consequences Blair’s determination to be a key figure in the war on terror has already had for us. From the deployment of newly implemented anti-terror laws to lock up peaceful protesters (grandmothers, idealistic students, World War II veterans) to the signing away of extradition rights to America, this fast-paced, informative and thoroughly entertaining film does a good job of mixing the absurd with the serious to wake us up to the fact that we’re all a little less free (and no more secure) than we were a decade ago. An excellent piece of populist polemical filmmaking."

And you can't argue with that. But most importantly - 4 stars in "New!" Magazine. I can now die happy...

Chris is a media whore

Big thanks to John Reid for chosing today to launch his latest liberty busting legislation. This has enabled Revolver to tart me around as someone who will argue the toss on anything to do with civil liberties and of course plug the film at every end and turn.

Radio 5 Live interview

ITN News (this link may not work after a few hours - please flag if it does and we will Youtube if necessary)

Off now to do a piece for SkyNews. Have been up since 5am and it's taken me way too long to write this post, so hopefully I won't come accross as a dribbling mess...

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