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Friday, 15 June 2007

Scraping the media barrel

The media whore lifestyle continues... I have actually been asked to go on a show called "The Real Deal" presented by George Galloway which goes out on SumoTV (sky channel 146). At least this offer has finally answered the question "are there any depths to which you won't stoop to publicise your film?" as we have respectfully declined.

Tables Turned on Extradition

As the BAE bribery scandal continues to make New Labour look less like a democratic government and more like a greasy fixer for arms companies. Interestingly the US Justice department is now "99% likely" to start an investigation into the massive sums paid to Prince Bandar and others as part of the Al Yammanah deal. Now that the MOD seems to be clearly involved in the payments of these bungs to various shady Arabs, it seems reasonably likely that charges may be brought against officials at the MOD as well as BAE executives. Once charges are brought there will be the interesting situation where employees of her majesties government will be hauled off to the US without any evidence being presented in the UK, under New Labour's one sided extradition treaty with the US. Now that Goldsmith and Blair are both heavily involved with this deal, there is an outside chance that they too could be screwed by the unfair extradition law that they themselves passed. Who says there's no justice in the world?

To show that Britain takes bribery seriously, the government has set up an enquiry (that'll have the Arabs shaking in their well filled boots!) to investigate whether there were vast over payments made. The man appointed to run the enquiry is an ex Lord Chief Justice Lord Woolf. And just to show the world that he doesn't have any truck with officials being overpaid, he has accepted the meagre salary of £6000 a day to run an enquiry into people being given too much money.

Help Tony Watch The Film

Tony still has yet to work a screening of Taking Liberties into his busy schedule. We think it would very unfair on him to miss out on seeing it, so we have set up a petition on teh Downing Street Website to have the film screened in Number 10 on the day he leaves office. Sign the petition here!


arms said...

I think that in the spirit of unity, in the spirit of equality and with the aim of opening the eyes of the maximum number of people to what our government is doing...that deciding not to discuss the film and its themes on George Galloway's show is perhaps a wasted opportunity.

People are caught in the influences of whoever appealed to them (for whatever reason) at certain times. When George Galloway was shown speaking with a voice that sounded like authority in the US Congress - many will have started to listen to him. I don't know enough about him to have a fully formed opinion - but I do think that even imperfect people (of which we are many) also need access to as much information as possible. How they handle that information and where they got it from is not the important part.

Any division just adds to our weakness when we need to be strong to stand up to the illegal acts, cruelty, abuse of power and corruption of our government – what you are doing is wonderful, but I do think you need to operate without bias. Was it Gandhi who said ‘Be the change you wish to see’? Or as my mother always taught me....’Do as you would be done by’.

Tina Louise

Taking Liberties said...

well that's made me think - but I believe the opportunity has passed.

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