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Monday, 11 June 2007

Monday Morning...

Just heard from the Men in Grey Suits (aka Dave at Revolver). Apparently cinema attendances all took a hit this weekend thanks to the glorious weather. But we came third in gorssings for new films released in the UK last friday, just behind the edgy low budget masterpiece Oceans 13 and the critically aclaimed Are We Done Yet?

The Men In Grey Suits (not thecast of OC13) beleive we performed pretty well in the circumstances for a documentary, and enough people went to see it to open up a few more bookings for next week - as well as keep the film on in some of the existing screens.

In London (from the 15th of June) we will still be screening at the Curzon Soho, Odeon Panton St, Ritzy Britxton, Odeon Swiss Cottage (daytime only) & Tricycle Kilburn. In addition to the bookings we had for next week anyway, there are new bookings at several other London cinemas in Shepherds Bush, Notting Hill and Fulham - check the cinema listings tab to get updated.

Outside London, we have held on to Oxford, Bath and Edinburgh (this sounds like a medieval military campaign, doesn't it? My Liege, the armies of Exeter are poised to take the vale of Hereford!) in addition to all the other regional bookings we had already got for next week.

Anyway this is all changing on an hourly basis, and the news is a heck of a lot better than it could be. We were on 18 Screens this week and on 17 next week, which seeing as the world and his dog went out into the sunshine over the weekend is pretty good going. Please check the listings tab for where the film is being screened near you.

Last Reviews

I'm very glad that I no longer have to go through the tedious process of pacing up and down outside my local cornershop, summoning up the strength to go in to buy the days papers, terrified of what might be in them. I got especially strange looks on Sunday morning, particularly as the entire Sunday papers put together weigh more than I do and I could barely carry the damn things out of the shop. I think the owner of my local cornershop has me pegged as a schizophrenic on a media studies course who really needs to spend less money on newspapers and more on food.

Anyway the stress was unnecessary as the reviews on the sundays were all great:

4 Stars in Sunday Times and the Telegraph (where we are the highest rated film)

Great Review By Phillip French in The Observer, where he said that you shouldn't vote at the next general election until you see this film. And the Independent On Sunday also gave it a rave review. (Neither the Observer nor the IOS do stars - much too crude.)

Mark Kermode made us film of the Week on Radio Five Live.

So the game is not over yet. Thanks again to those members of the blogging community who rallied round and help swell the numbers. Some nice blog mentions below:

Greedy Capitalist Bastards
And an Excribsitionist

There is also the rant they let me put up on the Guardian Blog Page.

And finally the New Labour defence has come in the form of Michael Kettle article in the Guardian. I will post a proper response to this soon, but it is worth a read and the comments below are very lively.


Dariush Alavi said...

I saw the film at a multiplex in Portsmouth where this weekend's low attendance figures were blamed by some on the Isle Of Wight Festival. But I suppose if enough word-of-mouth can be generated, the numbers will begin to grow.

Taking Liberties said...

thanks - please be part of that word of mouth!

lethalbuzzle said...

Redeeming IoS review here:

Nice! Glad to hear the weather didn't ruin the military campaign...

arms said...

...if we can't get showings in cinemas near us - what are the options? Will it go to DVD to order? Is there any way of privately renting a cinema?

It would be a shame to miss playing at more cinemas - as at least there it would play to numerous 'types', whereas those who order the DVD will probably already be at least partially aware of what is going on in government. I wrote to my local Odeon (Blackpool) and am awaiting a reply.

Tina Louise

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