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Friday, 8 June 2007

The Day Of Reckoning

The last year and a half has been building up to this very day. "8th June" has become this mythical - some would say spiritual - date when the axis of destiny spins and all our fortunes will be resolved, for good or evil.

Alternatively it's just the day a film we made opens in some cinemas.

Oh well, I've heard you only go to open prison for bankrupcy and at least I won't have to do any more radio interviews.

Still no word from the Home Office about our ongoing campaign to give John Reid an ASBO. On the other hand we have had some initial enquiries from East Sussex Police...

Last of the National Reviews out today. Peter Bradshaw in the Gaurdian wins for the most eloquent review of our film, and was kind enough to give us four stars.

Also 4 stars in The Express, The Mirror and The Star, The Metro and The London Paper.

But I'm never buying the Independent again.

Big Issue Screening

Practicaly sold out, and raised a lot of money for an extremely worthwile cause. Thanks to Steve Nicolaou for making it happen. A nice chap called Simon Astor watched it and inspired to write a poetical call to arms:

Taking Liberties, a Preview Review
Go and see this film.
Go and see what became of the magnesium moment of the 1960’s: where that freedom burnt out hasbeen buried.
Go and see how those who died, not for us since we were then unborn and unknown to them, but co-opted by the finest words of Churchill, aye, bequeathing us the legacy of ‘The Free World’ in the last world war, died in fact for nought.
Go and see what the Italian Jewish writer, Primo Levi, survivor of the concentration camps, meant when he said that ordinary evil wears the face of everyday men and women blinding the eye of their consciences with the fine upstanding upright of the scales’ impartial ‘just doing my job’.
The circumstance of every age asks where you are in the tipping scales of tyranny and liberty;
Go and see this film: be affected; make a difference - for, make no mistake, unless you do you will have no right to go out about your own business minding your own business: it, you, will all be the state’s.
Go please with someone else and see this film; be affected; make the individual difference you alone can make;
go not gently into the darkness in hearts spreading not only europe but this globed whole world through with its night of the individual's free flame in the name of cultural conflict to preserve it extinguished! the torch of liberty casts no shadow before the voids of cancelled stars that are bushit & bliar and all the behind the scenes uncivil servant masters as 'sauron and saruman' approaching us all in this endless saga older than eternity, not to ask, but to force, which side of thieving the lives of others from them to feed the monster's beak, living utterly brazen, masked only by the inabilty of human consciousness to finally comprehend the sight of its vision is the unsustainable revelation of a terror too far not to have to obscure it with deeds of a darkness putting innocence out of the eyes of a
soul does not make compare; or, coin you not a counterfeit exchange with your conscience, more gold than valuable: clear?
Diamond sighted self lit beacon others unborn yet bright the stumbling way falls off not a face unnoticed.
There will else be nowhere not on a CCTV channel live linked satellite planet wide as hacked ID iris scans of children orphaned of childhood open not to wonder at the heavens broadcast horror to opt out to.

Take and free a Liberty today.


Dariush Alavi said...

My wife and I watched your excellent film on Friday and although I feel I could write so much in response to it, I'd better keep it short and say: Hats off to all of you. Thank you for being brave enough to make such an important and valuable movie.

But there were only two other people at the cinema watching it!!! What can we do to raise its profile and get the 'unconverted' to see it?

Taking Liberties said...

Please email as many people as you can urging them to see it...

Dariush Alavi said...

Consider it done.

And I've mentioned it on my site too.

I wish you all the very best with it. I hope it generates greater awareness of the things happening around us.

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