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In our Taking Liberties blog, not only will we keep you uptodate on the progress of the film, we'll also post news about the ongoing civil liberties movements we're related to.

Friday, 1 June 2007

A Very Strange Day

It all stared down at the Ritzy in Brixton. For reasons I'm legally restrained from divulging, the panel event next tuesday has had to be moved from the Ritzy to the Clapham Picturehouse. The staff at the Ritzy are striking over low pay, and Chris Atkins and the Taking Liberties team completely support the Ritzy staff and BECTU in their industrial action.

At lunchtime interview with the Daily Mail. Yes this will give even more fuel to accusations that this is a right wing polemic, but they seem to like the film a lot and there will be a big piece coming out next week. So on balance we also made sure we did an interview with the Socialist Review as well.

Got back to office to see reviews coming through thick and fast...

Another 5 star review at Shadows on the wall

Great piece on the BBC News Website

And The Londonist is throwing it's weight behind us.

Then someone called to say we've got 4 Stars in The Mirror - life could be worse.

And, much to our horror, we've been emailed some images of a new kind of protest that seems to be springing up. It appears that as a novel way of protesting against the continued inaction of our government over Guantanamo Bay, people are putting hoods over the top of statues of civil rights leaders. Take this one for instance of Fenner Brockway (famous early peace activist and founder of CND).

Neither Revolver Entertainment nor the Taking Liberties team could ever condone this sort of direct action, but if you do end up in the possession of such photos, please email them to us. And if you could use orange hoods instead of black it'll stand out more.

Power to the People

The campaigns to get the film shown locally are all working. Thanks to Dr David Nichol at The Stirrer and my mum, Cineworld Broad St Are screening the film on the opening weekend. Can everyone now please stop sending them emails!

And due to local pressure the film will now be shown in Manchester and Glasgow.

Latest on the Newswire is that it is now booked in London at Odeon panton street and Odeon Swiss Cottage. Blimey - these are proper cinemas. Martin the booker at Revolver has done a fabulous job - especially as the film was only finished 9 days ago.

Now I'm about to jump in a car and drive across this green and liberty eroded land to the Hay Festival where we are the closing night film. We're going head to head with Ronnie Corbett, so we're playing in the bigtime now.

And one morsel of Liberty News....

Majority Of CCTV Cameras in the UK are illegal

You've got to laugh haven't you? New Labour spend hundreds of millions of pounds of our money on CCTV on the pretext that they cut crime, then they do a study in which they discover that they don't stop crime at all, and then we discover that the huge majority of them are actually committing a crime by their very existence.

Not only do most of them breach the information commissioner's code of practice, but they also completely contravene the data protection act. It wouldn't be so bad if there weren't more CCTV cameras in Britain than the erst of Europe put together. Or that they are now being fitted with directional microphones and facial recognition software so they can track our every move and listen to every word we say.

But if you've got nothing to hide you've got nothing to fear!


Nino Leitner said...

Dear filmmakers of "Taking Liberties",

I’ve been working on a critical and extensively researched documentary about CCTV in Britain for over two years (which takes a much more critical approach on the topic compared to the recent BBC programme you have probably seen or heard about) - it premiered last March at an Austrian film festival, and it was a huge success, considering that this was a no budget film: It became one out of five most popular films of the festival.

You can check out the trailer and much more on the official film website .

The film will come to a film festival in Britain this year, but I cannot yet confirm a specific date or location. It will be available for download later this year.

I'd love to see your film when I get a chance to, and maybe we have a chance to meet one day if you are interested. I'd love to talk to you in person about the very important issues that we are raising in our films.

Nino Leitner

contact me via:
office [at]

P.S.: Your email address seems not to work!

tonys said...

The following appears to have disappering from this post:
"The Taking Liberties team wholly support the [Brixton Ritzy] BECTU members in their dispute" which is quoted in

Can I take from this the Taking Liberties team no loger support the Brixton Ritzy BECTU members in their current dispute?

tonys said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Taking Liberties said...

back on now!

We overhauled the blog and a lot of the stills and the posts attached went south. is now back in and will remain so...

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