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Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Guantanamo Trials

Are in complete disarray. In scenes reminiscent of a Faulty Towers Sketch, it looks like the entire system of Kangaroo Justice at Guantanamo set up by the Bush Administration (with tacit British support) is now about to collapse as some meat head in the US Military didn't fill in the right form. Not just content with detaining people for 5 years without charge and torturing them, Bush and Blair have tried to desperately show the world that these men are all guilty (rather than very unfortunate shepherds) by organising "Military Tribunals" which are essentially a show trial. These tribunals are such a sham, that some seasoned observers have come to the conclusion that it would actually be much fairer on the detainees, if they were tied up and thrown into the atlantic ocean: If they drown then they are innocent and if they float they are a terrorist!

After a lot of wrangling the very first military tribunals finally started, and then collapsed spectacularly almost immeditiately. The first case was of a Canadian National, Omar Khadr, who's case was dismissed as the court had failed to establish jusrisdiction. This honestly stems from the fact that they only classified him as an enemy combatant, not an unlawful enemy combatant. This administrative error also applies to all the other 385 prisoners held in Guantanamo, which is ironic really as it's an administrative error that got most of them got there in the first place.

A new strategy is desperately needed, so The Bush Administration is now searching for a lawyer that is morally bankrupt and out of work, who will say anything for money. Suggestions anyone?

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