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Tuesday, 19 June 2007

"Dr" Reid takes a stand for Britain

A few weeks ago the USA decided that it was going to make all British Pakistanis apply for a Visa when entering the US. Traditionally the UK has had a "Special Visa Waiver" system in place for British Nationals entering the US, and we have extended a similar courtesy to Americans visiting Britain. However a month ago, Washington decided that it wanted to make UK citizens of Pakistani origin far more unwelcome in the US, by making them go through the bureaucratic nightmare of applying for a full Visa.

Rather than tell the Americans to get stuffed for this blatant piece of racial profiling (which is exactly what the US and Britain said it wouldn't do after the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks) "Dr" Reid has taken a uniquely craven approach to the negotiations, by offering the US yet more data on British Citizens. Fearing a huge backlash from the Muslim community of Britain, "Dr" Reid has had the novel idea of instead offering the the US Government access to the personal data of "immigration offenders and other 'travellers of interest'." The obvious fear is that anyone can now be deemed a 'traveller of interest', which means that the Home Office will gleefully hand over to the US Government whatever personal data they see fit.

Kettle Confusion

A Journalist with a nose for the truth and a taut grasp of the facts has written an article on us on ABS-CBN News. You need to scroll down to the end of the article, but it is well worth it, as she manages to somehow confuse not only the film and the contents of Kettles snooty article, but also Kettle and myself. I've read that section 3 times and I'm still not sure if she's opposed to our message or not...

There's always someone worse off than you...

Whatever anyone wants to say about the Box Office takings for Taking Liberties, we are at least doing better than the competition. According to The Men in Grey Suits we have had higher attendances than both Black Gold (political doc about coffee) and the John Pilger Film War On Democracy (in fact we have taken more than both of these put together). But we must also thank our stars that we didn't befall the fate of The Chumscrubber. This is a film released at the same time as Taking Liberties, and stars Jamie Bell, Glenn Close and Ralph Feinnes. At the latest tally, it has to date grossed the majestic sum of £94 at the UK Box office. However the reviewers who were unfortunate enough to see it, are amazed that it managed to earn so much.


Anonymous said...

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Dariush Alavi said...

I find myself unable to express my shock at the moment. "British Pakistanis"??!???! What on earth are they?? Have they got their own special passport with the words 'British Pakistani' on the cover? Perhaps I should apply for one that says 'British Iranian-Pole'? I wonder if I'd get a US visa stamped inside it?

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