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Thursday, 28 June 2007

For a minute we were getting worried...

For a nasty moment it looked like Tony Blair, now he has stepped down from office, would suddenly be prevented from wreaking his unique blend of hapless havoc and authoritarian control freakery on the world. For a minute it seemed like his panicky and ill informed decision making was about to be put well out of harms way. Fat chance. Someone with an obviously sick sense of humour has gone and appointed him Special Envoy To the Middle East. As if he hasn't wreaked enough mayhem and destruction in that unfortunate part of the world during his time as PM, he has been given another year or two of "extra time" so he can really kick the shit out of the region. This is the man who enabled the Iraqi invasion with his unquestioning US support, who turned a blind eye to the Abu Ghraib scandal when he was alerted to it months before it became public, and unswervingly backed US and Israel during last years incursion into Lebanon. It's hard to think of anyone more unqualified to be balanced and impartial and more likely to tow the US Line. Maybe Donald Rumsfeld was busy?

Laughingly the job title specifically does not include "finding a permanent solution", as it is already anticipated that the whole purpose of appointing the dead king to this role is to flatter his vanity, keep the US and Israel status quo in the region, and give the hapless cretin something to do. It smacks more of a PG Wodehouse novella than world politics.... "Henrietta's nephew, the one they called Barmy Blair, was so dashed awful at anything he put his hand to, they sent him to the Navy to keep him out of harms way. Then he sank 3 battleships so then they packed him off to the north pole!"

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